Shalford Village Halls
Welcome to the Booking System for Shalford Village Halls! 

COVID RESTRICTIONS: We currently do not operate a direct booking system.  Please email the Bookings Secretary shalfordbookings@gmail.com for any requests.
Please note that all bookings are PROVISIONAL until payment is made.  You will receive an invoice within five days of making a provisional booking and this must be paid within five days of receipt to secure the booking

ALL new bookings will be charged at our ‘Standard Rate’ but this may be altered depending on the nature of your booking, organisation or business. 
Local and regular bookings receive a 25% discount. There is also a small discount over the hourly rate for booking a four hour session Monday - Friday daytime; this will be reflected on your invoice.

If you require the use of a servery or set up of chairs/tables, please choose these when booking.  Most of the additional services are free of charge, but we do appreciate having full details of your requirements in advance in order that the room(s) may be set up as you require.  The Club Room servery is only available with a Club Room 1 booking.  Club Room 2 does not currently have any refreshment facilities.

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